Jumla to Rara Lake trekking(Duration: 18 Days)

 Rara is a largest lake in Nepal, ensconced within its smallest national park, is only three hours walk from an  Talcha Airport. It’s a beautiful, calm haven surrounded by forests, and a paradise for bird watchers.
Mugu was once part of the Malla or Khas kingdom of the Karnali River basin, which reigned between the 12th and 14th centuries. Artefacts abound – you may see ancient shrines to the local deity ‘Masta’, wooden effigies of spirits festooned with bells, flowers and cloth, and rock pillarsetched with figures of the sun and the moon. Southern Mugu has rugged ranges forested with ancient blue pine, spruce and cedar, and is inhabited by Hindu Chhetris, Brahmins and Thakuris.
The northern reaches of Mugu are less frequented. As with Dolpa to the east and Humla to the west, it lies in a vast rainshadow zone. It is arid, less intensively farmed and sparsely populated with people of Tibetan origin. One of the more unusual drivers of the local economy is the medicinally valuable yarchagumba fungus, which grows out of the head of a caterpillar and can be worth over US$5000 per kilogram (about 10 times the average annual income of a Nepali).

Itinerary of Jumla to Rara Lake trekking.

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu Airport and Transfer to Hotel in Kathmandu.
Day2: Discussion about trekking and Half day Sight seen in Kathmandu Valley.
Day3: Fly to Nepalgung.
Day4: Fly from Nepalgung to Jumla and vist Jumla Village(2,370m.).
Day5:  Trek from Jumla to Danphe Lagna Camp(3,645m.)5-6h.
Day6: Trek from Danphe Lagna Camp to Chautha(2,770m.)6h.
Day7: Trek from Chautha to Ghurchi Lagna(3,446m.)5-6h.
Day8: Trek from Ghurchi Lagna to Dhuir(2,410m.)5-6h.
Day9: Trek from Dhuir to Rara Lake(3,025m.)6h.
Day10: Trek from Rara to Gorusingha(3,305m.)6h.
Day11: Gorusingha to Hatsinja(2,490m.)5-6h.
Day12: Trek from Hatsinga to Jaljala Chaur(3,270m.)6h.
Day13: Trek from Jaljala Chaur to  Jumla(2,370m.)5-6h.
Day16: Fly from Jumla  to Nepalgung and Evening Kathmandu.
Day17: Rest day in Kathmandu.
Day18: Depature to your own destination