Dolpo Region Trekking
 Dolpa is one of the most interesting trekking destinations of  West Nepal for many reasons. First of all which is 7,889 sq. kilometers big, it is a largest District of Nepal. Its topography is very interesting. It contains the deepest  lake of Nepal (Phoksundo),which also known as a Deepest lake of high altitude in the World. Dolpa is one of the few Nepali Districts that is behind the Himalaya mountains, due to which it gets very little rain. Hence ,most of the hills are bare with little vegetation. Harsh Weather combined with high hills makes this area one of the most inhospitable in Nepal.
  Due to the harsh living conditions, few people live or travel in these areas. As a result, the people of Dolpa are part of a very isolated culture found in specific pockets of northern Nepal. This is a land where life still revolves around Horses, Mules and Yaks, People still wear traditional dress and jewelry, and the death body are given to wild Vultures.Even today, much of Dolpa is restricted area for tourists, which contributed to the preservation of unique Culture of Dolpa.
    Some of the attractions of this route are: Dho Tarap, a human settlement at the highest altitude in the world, Shey Gumba , religiously important Gumba in Nepal and Lake Phoksundo, the deepest lake of high altitude in the world.